Caramelised Apple & Praline Paris-Brest

A wonderful classic French dessert of choux pastry filled with caramelised apple and a praline crème au beurre topped with an apple crisp. The legendary Paris-Brest can nowadays be found in patisseries all over France, and is a particularly potent symbol of two great French passions - patisserie and cycling.

Raspberry & Pistachio Slice

A beautiful pistachio dacquoise sponge layered with a raspberry jelly, raspberry mousse, pistachio joconde sponge, raspberry compote and a white chocolate mousse topped with a white chocolate vanilla glaze. This patisserie is decorated with delicate handmade chocolate squares, pistachio, raspberry crumb and gold leaf.

Blackberry Walnut Crumble Tarts

Enikorn wheat pastry layered with blackberry compote and a vanilla crème diplomat topped with brown sugar walnut crumble, blackberries and fresh home grown herbs. 

Almond Milk Fruit Tarts

Almond pastry layered with a summer fruit compote and almond dacquoise, topped with almond infused crème diplomat and seasonal summer fruits, decorated with homegrown flowers and herbs from the kitchen garden. 

Chocolate Herb tarts

Almond pastry tarts filled with a rich 70% dark chocolate ganache, decorated with chocolate frills and herbs. You can choose between two flavours; classic dark chocolate, or herb infused ganache.  


Design your own dessert table selecting your combination of favourites from the patisseries collection.